Are you paying too much for your apartment?

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My first apartment was a fantastic apartment at Tufts University.  I lucked out in many ways:

  • The landlord was a genuinely nice guy.
  • The landlord was very responsive when it came to any issues with the apartment.
  • It is a great location for Tufts students.

It was reasonably priced, but I didn’t know that at the time.  After having lived in another apartment around Tufts and in a number of apartments in Boston, I understand that overall it was a good deal.  I wasn’t an expert in apartments then, I simply got lucky.  Even if I had been dead set on learning about apartments around Tufts, it would have been very difficult to understand what was available and where the best deal was.  Without access to the previous tenants and going door to door in the neighborhood, it would have been impossible to gather that kind of information.

RentMaps looks to make it a lot easier to understand an apartment in relation to the other apartments around it.  It’s normal and expected for variation to exist in a neighborhood, but prospective tenants should understand what the benefits / downsides are for an apartment and how that impacts rent.  If you are paying a certain amount and there are better deals in your neighborhood, shouldn’t you know that?  Tenants will find this out eventually, why not let them know in advance so that tenants are happier about their living accommodations?

How much are your neighbors paying for rent?  You can easily find that out by searching for reviews of apartments in your area.  Go check it out by searching RentMaps!