Over 100 Reviews!

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We’ve cracked 100 reviews!  We added another 50 reviews in the past week and we’re really excited about it.  We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from users, which has only reinforced our drive and passion.

We talked with various landlords and tenants, and they all believe that there is a lot of room for innovation and progress to be made.  Giving landlords the ability to market their property and communicate with prospective tenants opens up a lot of opportunities.  Also, giving tenants the ability to see what’s out there and hear from previous tenants addresses a lot of their concerns before looking at an apartment or signing a lease.

If you haven’t filled one out yet, please review your apartment here!  We need your help!

Let us know what you want from RentMaps, and how you think we’re doing so far.  Send us a note at: feedback@rentmaps.com